Indatel eliminates deal management overhead by utilizing the Proposal Management Tool from ProCore Resource Group.


Indatel is a nationwide network dedicated to providing best-in-class, cost effective transport connectivity via fiber optic routes in rural and metropolitan areas..

The Challenge

Indatel receives requests for quotes for service on its nationwide network on a frequent basis.  However, in order to respond to these requests, Indatel must first send the request to the statewide association that the request is for.  This can mean that Indatel has to review each service location, and determine which state is responsible for that location.  The request is then broken down into multiple statewide requests, and sent via Outlook.  This is a manual, labor intensive process, requiring hours of effort.

When the statewide association responds, Indatel staff members must review this email, and then update the appropriate documentation for return to the originating customer.  Again, managing the emails and updates is a manual, labor intensive process.


By implementing the Proposal Management Tool, we are able to automatically read in the locations requested by the originating customer (saving hours of data input), automatically disburse the proposal request to the appropriate statewide association(s) or providers, and automatically receives the responses back into the Proposal Management Tool.  Proposal Management Tool also performs automatic reminder functions.


By enabling this tool, Indatel team members no longer have to break apart proposals to statewide associations. They no longer have to track responses to these proposals (since they are automatically updated via the Spreadsheet Muncher product from IOLITE Solutions).  They no longer have to send reminder notices.  They no longer have to worry about emails being stored in Outlook (where only one person can see them).  This has freed up their time for other work to allow them to expand their business.

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