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Sales Cloud

As a consultant, our job is to guide our clients to achieve their fullest potential by working through the stages of process maturity.

Stage 1 – StandardizeMany times our engagement with a client starts with identifying their current sales process. Our first action is to define the preferred process and standardize that process for the whole organization. This serves to create a common language and common definition for work in the sales organization: (The opportunity is in Contract Pending status – which means that all of the required processing steps have been completed – and a contract is pending with the client).

Stage 2 – OptimizeOnce a process has been standardized, our clients can begin to measure the process and identify ways that it can be improved. We use our process analysis techniques and the user friendly reporting tools in Salesforce to help our clients streamline their workflow, and measure the effectiveness of each step. Let us help you make a process that your team WANTS to use.

Stage 3 – AutomateOnce you’ve defined your standard process, measured it so that you can optimize it, and got your team using it with a satisfactory degree of adoption, it’s time to really make the process fly. Link your systems together, automate repetitive tasks, auto-generate documents and reports. All these things can help Optimize the business flow – freeing your users to talk to customers – instead of filling out paperwork. Don’t work for your CRM – Make your CRM work for you.


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Marketing Cloud

The Marketing Cloud is an integrated suite of capabilities within Salesforce that helps you realize your true demand generation potential. Let our consultants guide you through the stages of marketing maturity as you flex your marketing muscle.

Stage 1: E-blasting: Typically, the first stage of Marketing is devoted to email sending. Let our team help you select the right email tool to create, distribute, and collect analytics on your email campaigns. Build from your Sales database to send out your message.

Stage 2: Web selling: Once you’ve established an email base, the next step is to begin bringing your customers back to your website to interact: View content, download collateral, and input more information. Using the power of the Marketing Cloud, you can enhance your web presence by connecting your website to Salesforce – enabling a single platform to serve as your web portal, your downloadable asset management system, and a great place to gather more information from your customers before they can receive the valuable information on your website.

Stage 3: Marketing Automation: Once you’ve built your website into a content-rich engine for promoting your company, you’ll want to begin learning about your best customers or prospects. Using Marketing Automation tools, you can learn about your customers by reading their “digital body language” as they interact with content on your site. Each action your customer takes can be met with an automated response – to send more information, or possibly schedule a sales call. (All without lifting a finger)!

Make your website work with Salesforce to create a powerful online presence with robust responses to customer queries. Contact us to help you get it all going.

Service Cloud

The Service Cloud works with the Sales Cloud – or it can be set up as a standalone capability. Let our consultants guide you through the process flows that turn support and service into streamlined functions that you’re proud to offer your clients.

Service is usually deployed in phases – starting with fulfillment, then support functions (with or without customer web interaction) and finally – streamlined call center operations for both inbound and outbound contact centers.

Stage 1 – FulfillmentOnce a Sales Cloud Opportunity is Closed/Won, then the Sales Person’s job is done. However – now that the sale is complete – it’s time to deliver! We can design the processes to track the steps of the process needed to fulfill the Sales Opportunity. See how the power of Salesforce can automate, track, and manage your fulfillment after the sale.

Stage 2 – Support: Once a customer has a product or service delivered to them, there will always be support requests. We can leverage our knowledge of the Salesforce community functions to set up a Case to track resolution of Support requests such as Damaged Shipments, Returns, Billing Disputes, Warranty Claims, Defects or other Customer inquiries. Let your customers find you on the web to input the data for you.

Stage 3 – Optimization: Call Center Customers can connect their phone system to the Fulfillment or Support functions – thus enabling a screen pop matching the inbound phone call with a Lead or Contact record in Salesforce. Standard call center management features such as call scripting, call resolution management, and outcome scoring are all part of the capabilities that can be enabled via CTI connection to Salesforce.

Contact us to make your Service Center more efficient. Cloud

The Cloud is where our clients really begin to experience the value of the platform. The incremental cost of extending the salesforce license into the rest of the organization is minimal compared to the benefit that can be realized.

Use cloud to extend the reach of your investment. Leverage our team’s expertise to extend your capabilities with custom code:

Interfaces: Link your Salesforce instance with other enterprise software platforms to eliminate “swivel chair” duplicate data entry tasks. Use the APIs of both Salesforce and your other software applications to quickly transition from sale to fulfillment of the sale. Typical interfaces include Accounting, Ordering, Provisioning, or Delivery types of software applications.

Rapid Data Entry: The typical Salesforce user interface with two columns and related lists can sometimes be cumbersome for data entry tasks – especially those with high volume or high speed requirements (such as call centers). In those cases – we can develop a streamlined entry screen that can handle data input for multiple records at one time.

Complex Logic: Sometimes, standard Salesforce objects and logic components are not robust enough to handle the particular needs of a business process. In that case – we can build complex logic routines within Salesforce to create the desired results.

Each business process is unique – but all business processes benefit from the extensions that are easily available within Salesforce.


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